Errol Hickey dies

ERROL Hickey, the pioneer of Zambia’s first commercial private radio station, Phoenix, has died.

Hickey, who died at his daughter’s house in Lusaka’s Kabulonga, was among Zambia’s first photojournalists at Times of Zambia, who later became film, television, radio, advert producer and later entrepreneur.

Most of the iconic early images of an independent Zambia and first president Kenneth Kaunda are attributed to Hickey.

He was among the first individuals to open a private station in 1996 and pioneered brave private radio station programming with the station’s flagship programme “Let the People Talk” becoming one of the most popular political and phone-in programmes on air for many years.

Hickey also owned a lodge and an events and management company.

A few years ago, Hickey lost his wife, Ursula, to cancer.

Media reports indicate that Hickey was also battling cancer that had afflicted him the last few years. JC/News

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