Lungu will have a bad ending – pastor Chisala



NDOLA’S Church of all Nations pastor Timothy Chisala says President Edgar Lungu will have a bad ending.

And pastor Chisala says Zambians should stand up and defend the country’s democracy.

In an interview, pastor Chisala said President Lungu should immediately stop his dictatorial manoeuvres.

“Mr President, we ask you to stop the killing of our democracy. Stop these dictatorial manoeuvres. Your ending may be very bad if you continue to oppress citizens. President Lungu should focus on improving the lives of our people,” pastor Chisala said.

“Zambia does not belong to PF. Zambia is for everyone. It is a shame that there is a lot of tension in our country. President Lungu is failing to provide leadership.”

He said the harassment of independent media was doing more harm to President Lungu and the PF.

“Wake up from slumber and know that you are dividing the country. Wake up and bring our people together. This harassment of independent media is doing more harm than good to President Lungu and PF. Very soon, President Lungu will need the private media. The private media is a recipe for effective checks and balances, which can help the PF to deliver to the Zambian people,” pastor Chisala said.

“Today it’s Fred M’membe who is harassed! What is it that the PF and Mr Lungu are hiding? The Post was closed on disputed tax issues. Now you want to close The Mast! This is the worst form of dictatorship by President Lungu. Remember, every dog has its day.”

He also wondered why United Progressive Party leader Savior Chishimba was being harassed for exposing corruption.

“If President Lungu is serious about fighting corruption, Mr Chishimba should not be intimidated. Mr Chishimba is a responsible citizen who has helped the Malawian government and provided the evidence of corruption. That country’s President has acted. Now what is it that President Lungu is waiting for to act? We want action, otherwise people will not trust President Lungu in fighting corruption,” said pastor Chisala./SM/JC


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