Regina Chiluba succumbs to cancer

SECOND Republican president Frederick Chiluba’s wife Regina has died.


Regina, whom Chiluba married after divorcing his second wife Vera Tembo, died yesterday at UTH, a week after returning from India where she had been receiving treatment for cancer since November, 2016.


Zambia’s Ambassador to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba, who served as Chiluba’s press aide after he left the presidency, confirmed that Regina died at UTH at 12:30hrs.

Regina who had been battling with cancer was evacuated to Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad, India by the government.


She, however, returned last week and was immediately admitted to UTH because her condition was critical.

In 2002, the Ndola High Court dissolved her marriage to Edward Mwanza and she later married Chiluba, Zambia’s second President.

Her marriage to Chiluba saw her spend most of her time in courts as she and the former president were dragged to court on allegations of corruption by Levy Mwanawasa’s government.


In 2009, she was jailed by the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court for allegedly receiving government property but was later acquitted by the Lusaka High Court.


The following year after her acquittal, Chiluba, whose cases were also dropped by Rupiah Banda’s government through an acquittal, died from a heart condition he had suffered in 2006.

Regina is survived by her children Bwalya, Malama and Mando. JC/News

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