Lungu will soon cry, warns Syakalima

DOUGLAS Sykalima says President Edgar Lungu will wail when he leaves office soon because his misdeeds are beyond what people can tolerate.

And Syakalima also says President Lungu can suppress the press but human beings will always sense evil.

Commenting on attempts by the government to silence The Mast and harassment of its director Mutinta Mazoka M’membe, Syakalima, the UPND Chirundu member of parliament, said President Lungu was hell bent on destroying the country’s multiparty system.

“Let him be warned, he killed The Post and the Mast resurrected. He will want to kill The Mast, there will be another resurrection,” Syakalima said.

“I want to warn him to leave The Mast alone. He killed The Post, he may want to kill The Mast. Something will resurrect. He may also want to kill individuals; after all in his name the police have killed, maimed, suffocated people with teargas, broken bones of human beings but Zambians are still there and they are still talking.”

He said no one had ever managed to silence human beings.

“So Lungu must be warned: he is not the first dictator in Africa. He is not the first dictator in the world. Their ending is always bad. We have examples: Libya’s Muammah Gaddafi, 41 years of dictatorship, he ended badly. Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship, [he was] plucked like a frog from a manhole. There was a person who even called himself Emperor Bokassa, how did he end? Idi Amin called himself the conqueror of the British Empire; how did he end? And all these people that we are talking about, really they suppressed the press. Every dictator first of all suppresses the press so that the evils they do are not seen by people,” Syakalima said. “To make matters worse for this little tin-pot dictator we have, he is also denying people life. The economy is bad, people are not feeding, they are suffering, the hospitals have no medicines and on top of that, you become a dictator! Normal dictators…like Gaddafi, they gave schools, they gave medicines, whatever, and this guy wants to get everything! He becomes a dictator and then leaves nothing for the people and then corruption creeps into his same dictatorship. That is why he must be warned. And for me this is not just a threat; it’s a fact of history. And please for me, don’t include that he warned President Edgar Lungu because I don’t recognise him, okay? You can’t criminalise an opinion.”

He also advised Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia director Reverend Pukuta Mwanza, who last week said Hakainde Hichilema should recognise President Lungu, that he should seek explanation from the opposition party.

“Isn’t it just plain? Even the way ECZ, especially the chairman [Esau Chulu] misbehaved even reading wrong numbers from Lundazi. And you want to force a person on people’s throats! That Reverend Pukuta Mwanza, let him take his reverendship there,” Syakalima said.

“Woo unto the PF, you thought you had kicked out the MMD. Yesterday (Sunday during Zambia vs Guinea game at Heroes Stadium), he was even with Rupiah Banda whom they condemned as a corrupt character and even removed his immunity and Given Lubinda was even saying he was going to drink his Gin and Tonic because the corrupt man, Rupiah’s immunity has been removed. Today they are dinning together! They are all bloody corrupt characters! But what Lungu should understand is that while Rupiah Banda cried when he lost power and because he knew Sata was going to fix him, Edgar will wail; there will be wailing. At least Rupiah cried, but them they will be wailing because the atrocities that they have committed are beyond what the Zambians can tolerate; maiming people, sending the police to go and harass women, beating up women and then they become the aggressors! How can the victim become the aggressor?”

He gave examples of Mutinta, whom police harassed and arrested for allegedly tearing an arrest warrant for Dr M’membe.

“…following her in her own yard, beating her up, assaulting her even to the extent of actually tearing her dress, then you carry her and you say she assaulted a police officer and tore a warrant! How can a simple woman who didn’t even have a plate in her hand and surrounded by guns assault an officer? I have in mind Lesa Kasoma who was harassed, beaten up and then she was taken, that she overpowered six armed policemen! So what nonsense is this? What is happening to this country?” Syakalima asked.

And Syakalima said Vice-President Inonge Wina must be ashamed that women were being brutalised while she remained silent.

“I feel pity for her…women are being harassed like that and she keeps quiet. I challenge her, one she is a women, she is a mother, she is a great grandmother and probably she is in the late afternoons of her life, what legacy is she going to leave as the first woman Vice-President in Zambia?” Syakalima asked.

She said Vice-President Wina should have been a role model for women and girls.

“Isn’t she suffocating where she is today? Or is it the love of firm, power, money or wealth? I believe that even if she was not a Vice-President, she could have been eating three meals per day,” Syakalima said. “I feel so sad that I see her to be in the place of such people: corrupt, murderers…and anything that you can talk about, that she is in the middle of such people yet she knows that we came from a different background.”

He also said Vice-President Wina knew very well how Dr M’membe fought for her to be where she is today.

“Things must be told. We know all these things and then you put your back on such a person, not because M’membe is a criminal, no. You keep quiet when somebody is being harassed like that! I know M’membe can’t say all those things, but us we will be saying them,” Syakalima said.

He recalled that during a by-election in Chawama, UPND founder Anderson Mazoka tasked him and his colleagues to examine Edgar Lungu’s suitability to be considered and all said he was not suitable.

“Anyway this time around Zambians never put him [in office]. The people around him imposed him on the Zambian people. This is why he is trying to buy legitimacy; running around this side, that side. He is begging to be recognised; who can recognise a person like that?” asked Syakalima.

“Even if the court had heard the petition and had ruled, because I now realise that even if they heard, they could have ruled that Edgar Lungu won; even if they had heard and ruled that Edgar Lungu had won, I personally would not have recognised him. I am convinced and no one should say ‘you are a criminal because you are convinced’. How can you criminalise a conviction?” JC/News


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