PROTEST LUNGU’S EVIL PLANS …he’s hell-bent on killing opponents, free press using his evil agent Mosho – HH

HAKAINDE Hichilema says President Edgar Lungu is up to no good and hell-bent on killing his opponents and the free press using evil agent Lewis Mosho.

And Hichilema says Zambians must stand up and protect The Mast from President Lungu’s evil plans.

And Hichilema has described Lewis Mosho as President Lungu’s evil agent and is up to no good.

Police under instructions from Mosho, the Post Newspapers provisional liquidator, have launched a manhunt for Mast correspondents with directives to seize all personal laptops and other gargets the reporters were using in their work.

With backing from State House, Mosho earlier sent to police to journalist Dr Fred M’membe’s house over a week ago where they seized a small personal printing press and a speedboat which they took away after a search at the premises.

The printing press was dismantled, small components taken away but they have failed to get the bigger parts on three attempts.

Mosho, according to State House sources, was behind the warrants of arrest for Dr M’membe and his lawyer State Counsel Nchima Nchito to keep them away from challenging the Post liquidation matter in court.

The magistrate court has since quashed Nchito’s arrest warrant and he is now appearing on the alleged charges of personation.

“Mosho basically is an evil agent of Lungu, very evil agent. The police are also used being as evil agents of suppression and assassins of the independent media, freedom of the media. Lungu is hell-bent on killing his opponents, on killing Dr M’membe and the free press in this country. Zambians must therefore not sit idle and watch this situation continue because it will affect everybody. Rise up against Lungu’s evil plans; we can’t allow this to continue to happen. Today, what The Mast is doing is for the good of every Zambian. Information flow is very cardinal, so Mosho is just an agent of evil. The police are using taxpayers’ salaries from the people of Zambia and yet they have been turned into agents of brutality against their fellow citizens,” Hichilema, the UPND leader, said.

He has himself been a victim of police brutality and harassment many times and currently has a case of sedition before the Luanshya court.

“We Zambians, all of us, should stand together on this one; let’s protect The Mast from these evil plans. We have allowed this brutal regime in the past, Lungu’s brutal regime to destroy various institutions and Zambians have been watching. We cannot watch any more, we should become active participants and stand together for the betterment of our country,” Hichilema said.

“If there was no free press, if there was no Post Newspapers in 1990, there would have been no multiparty democracy in 1991. The consequence of that is that there would have been no MMD, no PF, no UPND and so forth because these were born out of a change in our constitution that brought about democracy which was anchored not only on trade unions but also on a free media.”

He said it would be illogical for the citizens to easily forget the battles The Post fought for the nation in getting rid of the one party state.

“All this was anchored on The Post, so we cannot forget so quickly as citizens. We should not forget the value and importance of a free media,” Hichilema said.

“So The Mast must be protected. The Mast is integral to the society of Zambia. Mast reporters have been through a lot. In a short space of time, they have been through trauma, suppression, brutality. They are innocently paying the price on behalf of the many suffering Zambians and I hope this shall open the eyes of ordinary Zambians so that something can be done to stop this Lungu from brutalising our citizens,” Hichilema said.

He said President Lungu was a hoax in State House who was using Mosho to silence the media.

“Lungu has failed to provide leadership, he has no traits of leadership and he is really just a hoax in State House. He is a pretender in that State House; that is why he is using people like Mosho to suppress the media,” Hichilema said.

On Monday, Hichilema made an impromptu visit to Chelston Market where he was mobbed by excited markeeters who complained to him that they were suffering.

He said his visit was to familiarize himself with the hardships that Zambians were going through under the PF government of President Lungu.

“We just came to have lunch with the people in their locality and share the pain they are going through, nothing else. We decided to have lunch with the people of Chelston,” Hichilema said after having nshima in the market.
“We thought sharing a meal with them would be a good idea. Everybody is in distress now under the PF; there is no question about it. It’s an obvious situation but it is important to be part of the community and pass through every now and then. We want to be a part of their hardships, see what people are eating, the cost of lunch and all that.”

Upon arrival at the market, the marketeers abandoned their merchandise to meet Hichilema.

They chanted UPND slogans while others were heard telling the opposition leader, who has petitioned President Lungu’s election, “twachula sana, ala twachula”. /SM/JC

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