Editorial comment of Thursday 02/03/2017: Anger is growing against Lungu

Edgar Lungu is creating a lot of problems for himself; he is fomenting a volcano that may soon erupt to melt him away without trace.

Everyone can see that it is Edgar behind all that has happened and is happening against The Post. It is impossible to conceal his hatred, his actions against The Post. Moreover, before what has happened or is happening against The Post, Edgar made open pronouncements about what he was going to do. He was too excited, impatient to conceal his intentions. And The Post alerted the nation very early about what Edgar’s intentions were against the newspaper. But it seems the nation did not take them seriously and some might even have thought they were behaving like that foolish herdsman with the false wolf.

Many people today are seeing with their own eyes what Edgar has done and is doing to The Post and they don’t seem to like it – it is no longer a joke, some entertainment.

They are also seeing through his schemes against the opposition. What is happening to Hakainde Hichilema and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba is not something accidental or sudden. Edgar had warned the nation that bazachiona, bakachimona. He threatened to deal with them ruthlessly and today he is doing so.

Edgar promised many things to many people, to all Zambians. He has failed to deliver on almost all those promises.

The cost of living is increasingly becoming unbearable for most Zambians and this is causing tension, anger in the nation. Hunger is entering many homes. And indeed as they say, a hungry man is an angry man.

It is also becoming increasingly clear that Edgar has no clear understanding of the problems the nation is facing and has no answers to the numerous challenges the Zambian people have to endure everyday.

Instead of being part of the solution, Edgar is actually being seen to be part of the problem. There is a clear lack of seriousness in him as a leader of both the Patriotic Front and the Republic at large.

Edgar is treating the whole country and its treasury as a casino. He seems to think everything can be subjected to the shuffling of cards in the abracadabra style and fashion.


Yes, Edgar spent a lot of time in the casino before becoming President but the casino approach of win or lose can’t work when it comes to addressing national economic problems and challenges. Everywhere Edgar goes, he wants to show he is the supreme boss, he is in charge, he is the alpha and omega, and everything in this country must revolve around him. No one should cough, no one should criticise or disagree with him. Everyone should pay homage to him or they risk being crashed like a tonne of bricks. Everything should start and end with him. If you are in business, and you do not owe your survival to him, you will not get government contracts and you may risk the Zambia Revenue Authority being set on you. Every businessman in Zambia must respect and adore him. Every politician, even if they are in the opposition, must praise him. All the news media outlets must sit on his misdeeds and all the crimes and abuses of his league or risk being shutdown, having their licences revoked or the Zambia Revenue Authority do to them what they have done to The Post. This is the way Edgar is running the affairs of the country or rather destroying the country because there is no country that can make progress if it is governed in this way.


There are also serious problems within the ruling Patriotic Front. Edgar has clearly failed to run the Patriotic Front in a united and progressive way. Today, the Patriotic Front is a party anchored on corruption, favour seeking and patronage. To survive in the Patriotic Front today, one has to make himself or herself Edgar’s fool. If one tries to be independent minded even in the smallest measure, they risk being kicked out. And Edgar has not concealed his intolerance for other views in the party. He has openly made it clear that if one does not agree with him and his approach to the leadership of the party, they must leave and form their own parties.


Excessive, chronic and unbridled intolerance to criticism and dissent seem to be the hallmark of Edgar’s leadership. You can see this in what is today happening to Chishimba Kambwili and his friends, to Kelvin Bwalya Fube and those around him. Edgar is trying to hound them out of the Patriotic Front simply because they seem to have their own views – views that are different from his – on how the affairs of the party should be administered or managed and what type of leadership style should be cultivated in the party. To Edgar, this is a crime, this is intolerable and this is something for which they must be crushed like a tonne of bricks and kicked out of the party.


Many committed Patriotic Front members are today silent, they are not talking, not because they have nothing to say. They have a lot of things to complain about but they can’t openly do so for fear of being crushed and expelled from the party by Edgar. But they are talking, they are complaining, they are making noise quietly about the way Edgar is treating them. They are not happy and are increasingly becoming angry. They are feeling the pain and humiliation caused by alienation, marginalisation. Edgar is trying very hard to create a Patriotic Front that is designed or fashioned in his own image. He is dismantling the Patriotic Front of Michael Sata and replacing it with his own. And indeed he has gone very far in doing that. Look at the Central Committee of Edgar’s Patriotic Front! How many of its key members are from the MMD – a party that tried very hard to destroy or even kill Michael and the Patriotic Front? It is today not in dispute that the party – MMD – that the Patriotic Front defeated in the elections of 2011 has come back to take it over and devour it. What we have in power today is not the Patriotic Front; it is the MMD. And that is why we find that all those who fought the MMD today are the main targets of Edgar’s Patriotic Front. He is out to completely destroy them. The enemies of Rupiah Banda have today become the main enemies of Edgar. All those who were against Rupiah are today facing the wrath of Edgar and The Post is top on that list. But where will this leave Edgar?

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