PF dictatorship alarming, says expelled party official

EXPELLED Luanshya PF official says the increasing levels of dictatorship in the Patriotic Front are alarming.

And PF founder member Johnson Mpundu says President Edgar Lungu is on a mission to destroy and kill the PF.

Last week on Thursday, the PF on the Copperbelt expelled 17 officials in Roan Constituency who allegedly campaigned for an independent mayoral candidate.

PF secretary general Davies Mwila in December last year suspended over 30 PF officials in Luanshya for campaigning for Chishimba Kambwili’s friend, Famous Kabwe, who stood as an independent mayoral candidate.

In July, in the run up to August 11 elections, Kambwili vowed never to campaign for the PF mayoral candidate in Luanshya Nathan Chanda despite President Edgar Lungu adopting him.

During Mwila’s recent visit to the Copperbelt, the issue of some PF supporters came up following the commencement of the purging process of those that supported independent candidates.

Those who were suspended for campaigning for Kabwe in Luanshya Constituency include vice-chairperson Christopher Mutale, women’s chairperson Barbara Mulawisha, women’s vice-treasurer Margaret Nalungwe, women’s information and publicity secretary Idah Mulenga, youth chairman Frank Chiona, youth information and publicity secretary Boniface Sichone and youth vice-secretary Austin Kalawo.

From Roan Constituency, those suspended were acting chairman Joseph Kapelwa, his vice Terry Chama, secretary Charles Mwansa, women’s chairperson Agness Mkundi, youth chairperson Kelvin Chanda and others.

The sanctioned officials said President Lungu’s dictatorship was now coming to the party.

“The levels of dictatorship in PF are alarming. We feel he (President Lungu) just wants to kill the party. This is not the PF of Michael Sata. Look, all the true greens are out! It is the opposite blue that has taken over now. PF is now destined for doom,” said Mulawisha.

“This is purely to intimidate honourable Kambwili. They think when we are expelled from the party, we will be silenced, that won’t work. We will continue to defend the party and honourable Kambwili.”

And Mpundu, a founding member of the PF on the Copperbelt, said President Lungu had divided the party in the province.

“This is not the way PF was. We are divided and this is so dangerous. Copperbelt is sensitive to politics and we are losing it. Mr Lungu was not there when we were fighting and growing the party here. He was busy in Chawama doing his own things. Now he is dividing us here. This, we will not allow,” Mpundu, a freedom fighter, said.

He said President Lungu had completely killed the founding vision of the PF.

“Look at the people he is working with and giving key positions! Sata fought 10 years to liberate Zambia from total abuse by MMD, but he is back with these same people. Lungu is not helping comrade Sata to rest in peace. We are at pains to understand this man. Mr Lungu is short sighted,” said Mpundu.

According to Luanshya PF officials, the handpicking of individuals to replace those suspended was meant to set the stage to weaken Kambwili and consign him to an ordinary party member./SM/JC

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