PF govt corruption is deep – Chipimo

NAREP leader Elias Chipimo says corruption in President Edgar Lungu’s government is deep.

And Chipimo has asked President Lungu to fire Davis Mwila before Zambians fire him.

Speaking in Ndola during a NAREP national women’s convention, Chipimo said President Lungu had endorsed the corruption in his government because he was benefiting.

“President Lungu should relieve Davis Mwila (PF Secretary General). We can’t have a situation where an official who is so close to the President can be allowed to promote corruption. We put the President on notice. The response that will be done against (President Lungu) may not be good. He needs to act to save his name. The corruption in this government is deep,” Chipimo said during a NAREP national women’s convention in Ndola on Monday.

“Imagine having a President who has taken a position and has endorsed corruption! His silence is tantamount to abating the situation. We want Davis Mwila to go, because we will force him to go and President Lungu will follow suit. We have the [Malawian] maizegate, Malawi is acting but here we are silent! What is President Lungu doing about corruption?”

He said there was no control of expenditure in the country because of corruption while many Zambians were frustrated.

“There are general frustrations in the country. Money is not flowing and people are frustrated. People are deprived and there is no sense of hope. Here our concern is for the people. But leaders don’t care about the people. Government officials are implicated, yet nothing is done because they are benefiting.”

He vowed to expose all forms of corruption in the PF government because

President Lungu was only attracting corrupt people to his side.

” People are [flocking to him] in large numbers because of the money and corruption. But Zambians will stand up and defend this evil act. 2021 will not be easy for some corrupt people. This country is being destroyed because of corruption, thieves in PF. There will be hardships in this country. We are going to expose the corruption we see in this government. This evil in our society needs to be exposed and stopped,” said Chipimo who also announced that he would contest the 2021 general elections.

“I’m standing in 2021. We need leaders that fear God. We don’t have leaders that fear God that is why they can steal and let the people die.”/SM/JC

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