RTSA moots compulsory defensive driver training


THE Road Transport and Safety Agency has devised a module for dangerous and defensive driving to equip prospective drivers with skills to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Launching the driver and instructors syllabi at Lusaka’s Government Complex on Tuesday, RTSA chief executive officer Zindaba Soko said the agency was in the process of developing a statutory instrument on mandatory training of drivers by driving schools.

“This entails that all persons wishing to become drivers should undergo a formal driving training conducted by a registered driving school unlike the way it has been where people are trained at home. This is meant to enhance the driving skills of would be drivers,” Soko said. “Let me also state here that a module for dangerous driving has been included for instructors and class CQ, C, CE and PRDP category so as to equip our prospective drivers with dangerous driving techniques, and equip drivers with defensive driving skills which has been lacking in the recent past.”

He said the curriculum would be compulsory.

“The said curriculum will be implemented with core modules being compulsory while cross-cutting non-core modules like entrepreneurship, communication skills, HIV and AIDS and computer skills being not compulsory,” said Soko.

Meanwhile, Driving Schools Association of Zambia president Hope Kasese Kumalo said many public transport drivers lacked proper training.

“Many of our drivers lack proper driver training. A trained driver will know how to handle a vehicle when it experiences a tyre burst. But that is not the case with our drivers. And this is the reason we’re asking government to quickly gazette land for the construction of a defensive driving school,” said Kasese-Kumalo./SM/JC

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