Respect Kamanga, Hayatou tells Kalu

CAF president Issa Hayatou has asked Kalusha Bwalya to respect incumbent FAZ president Andrew Kamanga.


And Hayatou says he is happy that Kalusha and Kamanga, who have been on a warpath since the latter took over the leadership of FAZ from the former last year, have reconciled and agreed to work for the development of football.


The long-serving CAF president on Friday called a meeting of the two after Kamanga wrote to him complaining about Kalusha’s presence at the ongoing Under-20 CAF AfCON when he was undermining him by mobilising supporters to humiliate him.


During a briefing on Saturday, Hayatou also advised Kamanga to seek advice from his predecessor.

“Yes, I met with the two presidents the day before yesterday (Friday) and we had a discussion and during our discussion, we found something unusual…that internal forces are creating whatever is happening,” Hayatou said.

“During our meeting, we requested former president Mr Kalusha Bwalya to respect the current president and also Mr Andrew Kamanga to seek advice from the former president. We are very satisfied with the outcome of that meeting. The two embraced and agreed to work together and that they are good friends. So in front of me, they greeted and embraced so that they can start working together and so far, so good.”

He also advised FAZ executive committee members, the majority of whom are Kalusha’s supporters, to meet with Kamanga whenever there was any development that needed attention.

Hayatou also praised the government and the local organising committee for the manner the tournament had been organised.

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