Editorial comment of Sunday 12/03/2017: Lungu has given up doing what is right

Edgar Lungu’s presidency has really been a disaster. And as long as he remains President, our liberties and our general well-being will continue to be threatened and eroded.

Justice, compassion, equality and basic morality have all been targets of Edgar’s presidency. Today his eyes are more focused on the general destruction of the media and of The Post in particular. But just as soon as he finishes off the press and freedom of speech, justice, compassion, equality and basic morality will become his main targets.

Edgar has given up doing what is right and he is moving both backward and downward. There is nothing that is getting better in Zambia under Edgar’s presidency – everything good is on the decline. The only thing that is increasing or is on the rise is evil, wrongdoing, abuse of public office and resources, corruption. For how long are we going to allow this trend to continue?

We need a leader that exhibits basic morality and human decency, one who understands and embraces the concept of servant leadership. And we should have known better that given Edgar’s background of serious lapses in integrity and honesty, he was going to have problems performing his duties as President of the Republic with sufficient honour and integrity and in an efficient, effective and orderly manner. The person leading our country today is one who, as a lawyer, stole and squandered his client’s money and for many years, he was barred from practicing law. Yet, he is thought to be ethical and intelligent enough to lead our nation and manage our country’s economic, social and political affairs. That explains a lot about the problems Zambia and the Zambian people are today facing, doesn’t it?

We don’t just seem to care about values of honesty, truthfulness and caring for the other person. If we did, we wouldn’t tolerate for a second the type of leadership Edgar is offering us. So now we have an egotistical braggart who lives by the lie, crookedness, abuse and corruption doing his best to destroy our country.

With the destruction of an independent press and freedom of speech in the country, who will hold Edgar accountable now? We no longer have a President we can freely or voluntarily respect. We have a president we need to fear. But the truth always speaks for itself. And we are inspired that there are still some Zambians who have the courage to speak the truth to Edgar and remain true to their convictions, to call of Jesus in their lives.

Many people have given up about the struggle for a more just, fair and humane society. They think they can survive by simply grabbing whatever being in good books with Edgar gives them – government jobs, contracts or tenders, land and so on and so forth. They think with that their lives are secure. And the long queue of favour seekers makes Edgar more comfortable, thinking all can be bought and that integrity is no longer an issue in Zambia. Today we have many fellow citizens whose souls have just withered, people who are willing to go along with anything evil – anything so as not to be suspected of disagreeing with Edgar. But we all know that a soul that has conceived one wickedness can nurse no good thereafter. It is said that in every man’s heart there is a devil, but we do not know the man as bad until the devil is roused. We are also told that even an evil man can have principles, he can be true to his own evil, which is not so always easy.

We don’t know really, given Edgar’s background, what the Zambian people expected to get from him. It is said that by the fruit the tree is to be known. An evil tree cannot bring forth good fruit. In Psalm 9:16, we are taught: “The Lord is known by His justice; the wicked are ensnared by the work of their hands.”

Given what Edgar is doing, it wouldn’t be far from right to say that even the gates of Hell shall stay closed when he comes knocking, for even Satan fears he would glorify himself above him. People don’t engage in evil deeds so completely and cheerfully as when they do it consciously.

There are many people praising, defending Edgar for all the evil things he is doing today. These are wicked people. And praises from wicked people are nothing but reproaches, “For God will bring every deed into judgment, with every secret thing, whether good or evil” (Ecclesiastes 12:14); “Woe to those who devise wickedness and work evil on their beds! When the morning dawns, they perform it, because it is in the power of their hand” (Micah 2: 1).
But we also know that wickedness sucks in the greater part of its own venom and poisons itself therewith. As long as people live in absurdities, they will continue to commit atrocities. Plato once said, “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.” There is a method in Edgar’s wickedness: it grows by degrees.


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