Zambia’s agricultural potential is under-exploited – Degroot

 ZAMBIA’S agricultural potential is enormous but currently under-exploited, says Zambian Breweries country director Annabelle Degroot.

And Zambian Breweries technical director Franz Schepping says a new cassava processing site will be opened in Luapula Province.

In a statement, Degroot stated that the agricultural sector had become an appealing theme and yet its potential had not been realised.

“Zambia’s agricultural potential is enormous but currently under-exploited. By creating market opportunities for subsistence farmers in our value chains, we are able to increase their productivity, allowing them to feed their families and generate an income,” said Degroot who further noted the need to have a business strategy that created more affordable products.

And Zambian Breweries agriculture manager Chris Nicolle said the company had so far distributed about 4,000 bags of ‘Mweru’ cassava cuttings to farmers for planting in Luapula.

“Another 400 bags of different varieties of cassava cuttings have been distributed for trials,” said Nicolle.

Schepping added that with the use of the simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (SSF) technology, ZB would significantly increase the amount of cassava it buys from rural farmers as it was one of the main
ingredients in Eagle Lager.

Zambian Breweries, which produces Eagle Lager from cassava and sorghum, encouraged farmers in Luapula to cultivate cassava.

ZB added that being affordable, Eagle Lager had prompted more consumers to switch from illicit, unregulated alcohol to a safe, lower-alcohol beer.

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