Fodep urges government to address problems in agriculture

FODEP in Livingstone has asked President Edgar Lungu to tell the nation how he will address challenges being faced in the agriculture sector.
In an interview, FODEP Livingstone chairperson Gideon Musonda said the PF should tell the truth why small scale farmers received subsidised inputs for this farming season late.
“Some of the other important issues we expect the president to highlight are his election campaign promises of creating 100,000 jobs. He should also tell the nation how he will address the challenges of 2016-2017 agricultural programmes such as e-voucher system,” Musonda said.
Many farmers across the country have failed to access subsidised inputs following delays to activate the e-voucher cards.
In some areas, the inputs under the FISP were delivered late.
Agriculture minister Dora Siliya blamed the mismanagement of the agriculture on the August general elections while other government officials have blamed the problems on the presidential petition filed by the UPND.

And Musonda has told President Lungu to uphold tenets of democracy and the rule of law.

“President Lungu and the PF must further strengthen the governance institutions such as the Auditor General’s office,” said Musonda.

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