THE much-anticipated 2017 FAZ annual general meeting takes place this morning at the government complex in Lusaka.

Top on the agenda will be the need for councillors to adopt the revised FAZ constitution and the new reforms by FIFA that demand the reduction of the FAZ Electoral College in conformity with the FIFA statutes or risk a FIFA ban.

It has been an eventful one year in office for Andrew Kamanga since he defeated Kalusha Bwalya on March 20 last year as he has been fought at every turn by his predecessor’s loyalists, sometimes unnecessarily.

The reduction of the Electoral College is one such issue that some councillors have taken a personal battle on against Kamanga, even when it is not his making but a demand by the world football governing body FIFA.

When councillors failed to adopt the constitution at the last emergency council meeting last month, FIFA representatives gave FAZ an ultimatum to adopt the new constitutional reforms today or face a ban that would potentially result in all the Zambia national soccer teams withdrawing from all FIFA sanctioned competitions.

“I think it will be unfair for councillors to fail to adopt the reforms because it is not a personal agenda. This is a demand by FIFA and you know failure to do so will result in a ban which means even the U-20 will not be able to participate in the world cup,” said Kamanga in an interview in the aftermath of the U-20 triumph.

However, there is still no item on the agenda indicating the fate of vice-president Richard Kazala and committee member Blackwell Siwale who were suspended last year over ticket money for Zambia’s World Cup qualifying match against Nigeria in Ndola.

The duo’s supporters have been making all sorts of attacks on Kamanga, ever calling for his impeachment.

However, the National Sports Council of Zambia has surprisingly added controversy by accepting the request by the pro-Kalusha Northern Province Amateur Football League to include an item on the agenda that demands the removal of Kamanga from office.

Many independent observers wonder why the acting NSCZ general secretary Kondwani Kaonga had to make a last minute move and therefore feel the act has ulterior motives.

But most interestingly would be to see whether the motion will pass to be included on the agenda, and whichever way one looks at it, today’s decisions will be break or make in many ways.

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