Nakula enda apondefwaila uwo cakalipa lwakwe, Lungu tells critics

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says he will travel whenever he wants and that he is not bothered by those who are troubled by his trips because travelling is his job.
Addressing a public meeting at Musakanya market in Mpika on Sunday, President Lungu said his duty was to visit people and check on various projects the ruling party was undertaking across the nation.
“Balefwaya bakandeshe ukuti nilaenda pakuti mpwalale bakese mpoka amaka! Ala ngata mulebomba nakulaisa nemwine (they want to stop me from travelling so that I nap and they grab power from me! If you are not working, I will be coming on my own to see how things are moving),” President Lungu told the people. “Nakula enda apondefwaila; uwo cakalipa ati President aleenda enda sana lwakwe pantu ukwenda encito yandi (I will be travelling whenever I feel like. Anyone who feels offended it his or her own problem because my duty is to move from place to place).”
He informed the meeting that there were some people that had kept on complaining that he was moving too much and wasting money.
President Lungu said people voted for him not to remain in the office but move about and check for himself whether works were being done to fulfil his campaign promises.
He said those who were suggesting that he should reduce movements were merely politicking and not telling the truth because his mandate as Head of State was to tour the country and check on various projects being done.
“Nakulaenda, futi nkabwela nakabili kuno Mpika, mukwenda kwandi kuno kwine ninsanga nokutila ifintu fimo ifyo twalaile abantu pano pa mushika pamo nga menshi ne misebo uyumwaka tafyabombeke bwino nakalya; nkana ukwisa nganshishibe nangu cimo ngabambepafye ukutila fyonse fili bwino kanabesa (I will be visiting places and I will very soon come back to Mpika. It is through my coming here that that I have discovered that certain things such as water and township roads that we promised the people during our campaign last year have not been done, so if I had remained in Lusaka, I could have not known; they could have continued cheating me that ‘all is well, your excellency’),” President said.
He directed Mpika central member of parliament Sylvia Chalikosa, who is also minister in the Office of the Vice-President, to ensure that water supply to Musakanya market was improved.
President Lungu said if there was no budget line for the project, he would know what to do because he had the mandate and power to source funds anywhere.
“Eco cawamina ukuba mubuteko pantu nifwe twakanya indalama sha calo nangu ngatamuli mu budget, nkeshiba ifyakucita kabili nalikwata insambu namaka mwampela (that’s why it is good to be in power because it is us who distribute funds in the country; even if there’s nothing in the budget, I will know what to do because I have the mandate and power from you),” boasted President Lungu.

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