Rabies breaks out in Kapiri

RABIES has broken out in Kapiri Mposhi district.
According to a public notice from the district’s veterinary department, the disease has been declared in several compounds in the district.
“The department of veterinary services has with immediate effect declared a rabies outbreak in the following areas: Riverside, Matilyo, Kawama, Fairview and Soweto and all areas within 25 kilometres of the Boma/Town,” read the notice in part.
“A tie-up order of all dogs has been declared. All dogs shall be tied up by owners effectively at their residences to prevent any such animal having access to any person or any dog or other animal or any person from [other than the owner or person in charge] having access to it.”
It further stated that any dog that would be found straying would be considered infected and would be destroyed.
“In addition, all transportation of dogs in or out of the infected areas is banned with immediate effect. Points for free vaccinations against rabies will be announced soon,” the notice further stated.

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