UPND bemoans poor state of Livingtone-Sesheke road

THE bad state of the Livingstone-Sesheke road is negatively impacting on the poor, says UPND Southern Province secretary Winnerson Nguni.
In an interview, Nguni said if left in its current state, the road would soon become impassable.
“The road shall be the modern ‘Hell Run’ if allowed to go through the 2017/2018 rain season. Its current state is negatively impacting on the poor people,” Nguni said.
He said residents of Kazungula, Mwandi and Kasaya were in misery because of the poor state of the road, which linked Zambia to Namibia and was affecting the economies of the SADC countries.
“The road has ditches and not potholes and it reduces the lifespan of the cars and trucks that have to navigate those ditches,” said Nguni.

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