Mega Links sues Zambia Railways over K108,000 debt

ZAMBIA Railways Limited has been cited for failing to pay over K100,000 meant for the transportation of rail sleepers and fittings from Chipata to Lusaka last year.
Leah Vwalika, who sued on behalf of Mega Links, a general supplier of goods and transport, claimed that Zambia Railways had neglected to pay the money due.
Vwalika, in a claim filed in the Lusaka High Court, stated that Zambia Railways on July 25, 2016, by a purchase order in writing, contracted Mega Links to transport concrete rail sleepers and fittings from Chipata to its Lusaka sheds at a consideration of K108,000.
The transportation company, according to Vwalika, delivered eight loads as per contract between July and October the same year and soon after it delivered its invoice for the said amount.
Vwaluka stated that despite numerous and concerted demands for settlement of the charge, the defendant only made promises to pay.
Vwalika claimed that Mega Links had, as a result, suffered loss.
The company is seeking payment of K108,000 with interest from October 2016 to date.

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