Ex-miners say they’ve lost confidence in Lungu

FORMER miners in Luanshya say President Edgar Lungu will never see a vote from them.

And the ex-miners say it is mockery for the government to allow Luanshya Copper Mines to recall only 150 out of 1,647 retrenched miners.

Luanshya Copper Mines has recalled 150 miners who were sent on forced leave last year after Baluba Mine was placed on care and maintenance.

LCM announced that it was placing Baluba Mine on care and maintenance due to a drop in copper prices and reduced electricity supply.

But ex-miners secretary Clement Chota said the government was allowing the mine to mock the miners.

“There is poverty and untold misery. What is this? This is mockery and the government is ideal and some chaps are busy praising the mines. Ba madam Inonge (Wina) should come back here and tell us what is happening. What is there to praise when the majority is suffering?” Chota said in an interview in Luanshya.

“It is like this government is enjoying subjecting its people to misery and poverty. What a shame. What is there to support Mr Lungu for and the PF? These guys are liars. This is the time that these guys could have acted. We want ba (Chishimba) Kambwili to come and speak for us.”

He said the government was insensitive to the plight of Zambians.

Chota said the PF and President Lungu want to divert the attention of miners to things that were not serious.

“Now it is the [Mongu] motorcade! Motorcade this, motorcade that! Are we going to eat motorcade? Don’t divert the attention of key issues affecting the Zambian people. Give us jobs! Put food on our table. Even if the President is concerned with the issue of motorcade, he is still eating at State House! Listen to us,” said Chota.

“They have mocked us enough and now we can take to the streets. We want the police to tear-gas us and beat us. Maybe Mr Lungu will hear us. But for now we don’t care about Mr Lungu. We have lost confidence in him. We can’t have a President (and) yet we the citizens are abused every day. Focus on our concerns.”

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