Illicit drugs being sold freely on some Livingstone streets, hears parliamentary committee

THE parliamentary committee on national security and foreign affairs on Thursday heard that illicit drugs are being sold freely on the streets of some residential areas in Livingstone.


And Livingstone residents shunned a public hearing of the committee held at Victoria Hall, forcing Elijah Muchima to complain of the numbers in attendance.


Young Men’s Christian Association and Young Women’s Christian Association representative Susu Chinimbwa submitted that the police was not doing enough to fight crime, drug abuse and corruption.


“What we are getting from communities where we carry out our interventions such as Malota and Zambezi Sawmills is that a lot of drugs are being sold freely on the streets and nothing is being done to curb the vice,” said Chinimbwa.


Gershom Banda, also from YMCA/YWCA, added that what was termed as ‘Barracks’ existed in Malota and Zambezi Sawmills where drugs were sold as cheaply as K2.


“There are illegal bars and the police and other law enforcement agencies are not doing enough to help the communities…we also have early marriages in areas such as Ngwenya, Malota and Linda,” said Banda.


And pastor Dennis Kapila wondered what the DEC was doing as drugs were being sold freely on the streets of Malota and Zambezi Sawmills just like in Lusaka’s Chibolya compound.


Meanwhile, Muchima, who is Ikeleng’i member of parliament, was disappointed with the low turnout of Livingstone residents to the committee hearing.


“This is your committee…unfortunately, the numbers here are just mainly journalists…we have heard of rampant drug abuse here in Livingstone, which is the tourist capital. If people [tourists] hear this, they will be scared to come,” said Muchima.


Only 23 people attended the hearing.

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