PF was envious of MMD misdeeds – Kabimba

I’M shocked beyond measure that PF was envious of the wrongs of the MMD, says Rainbow Party general secretary Wynter Kabimba.


And Kabimba has observed that the ratification system of judges in Zambia is very weak.


Kabimba, the former PF secretary general, said when he featured on Diamond TV’s Night Liveon Thursday that he was saddened to see the PF going the iniquitous route of the MMD that was ousted from power in 2011.


“One of the things that has grossly disappointed me is to realise that the PF was so envious of the evil, the iniquities, the high-handedness, the corruption that was rampant in the MMD. There is no difference now between the PF that we have in government and the MMD that we threw out of government in 2011. I’m shocked beyond measure that PF was envious of the wrongs of the MMD,” Kabimba noted.


“MMD had become so intolerant and so is PF today; MMD was so corrupt and so is PF today; MMD used the public order Act to stifle opposition political parties at that time, including PF which was a leading opposition political party, and so is PF today. So, PF has adopted the same intolerance, corruption, the [mis]use of the public order Act…”


Asked by the programme host whether the immorality he mentioned was prevalent in PF even when he served as party chief executive officer, Kabimba responded that the trend had been developing.


“This culture has been growing – that’s the point I’m making! Let me tell you some of the things that members of the public may want to hear; I said it one day in one meeting that I didn’t know that we as PF, that time, were envious of the wrongs that MMD was doing. Just like I’m on record as having said there was corruption in PF [and] just like I’m on record as having said that there was tribalism in PF. So, there is nothing new that I’m saying today that I didn’t say when I was in PF; I’ve been very consistent because for me a wrong is a wrong, whether it is committed by A or it is committed by B. You can bend a lie [but] you can’t bend the truth!” he explained.


And on matters related to judicial reforms in the country, Kabimba, a lawyer by profression and former justice minister, highlighted that parliamentary ratification of designate judges needed to be tightened.


“The ratification system [of judges] in this country is very weak. The people that are charged with submitting the names…I was in Parliament and if you look at the bio data of the people that come there for ratification, if you look at their profile, they write half a page! Really, something that can’t guide you about the character of this human being, about their background and about their competence to do the job that they are being appointed to do,” said Kabimba.


“So, the whole system in the chain of it has weaknesses. I mean, look at what has just happened with President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court! You won’t find a half page [profile] there. The profile will tell you from the time he was born, what he believes in – whether or not he believes in abortion and things like that. So, we must get to a point where the people that are going before Parliament for ratification are men and women whose bio data is very clear. The members of parliament, when it comes to that (ratifications), must ensure that that is a bi-partisan issue; it doesn’t matter whether the appointment is coming through the PF…”

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