FAZ to start distributing kits this week

THE Football Association of Zambia says it will this week start distributing football kit to lower division teams.


During the last Annual General Meeting, FAZ president Andrew Kamanga promised that all teams in the FAZ premier league, with an exception of Super Division, would be given jerseys and match balls as part of the football development programme in the country.


However, with the FAZ premier league firmly underway, FAZ is yet to commence the distribution of the equipment, igniting anger among the lower tier clubs.


“We feel cheated by Football House,” one lower club owner said anonymously. “We were told the kit will be in before the league commences…but the league is on; now where is the kit?”


But FAZ communications manager Desmond Katongo said logistical challenges hampered the timely arrival of the equipment.


“We will be beginning the distribution of the kit to lower division this coming week. We were inundated with a lot of work after the AGM but all that was in the process; when you are getting the kit from outside, there is an issue of transportation; making sure the kit is here and in good condition,” said Katongo. “That has been sorted out and so, distribution of the kit will be done this coming week.”

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