Malema’s EFF warns Lungu over political arrests

JULIUS Malema’s opposition Economic Freedom Fighters of South Africa has warned President Edgar Lungu’s government over political arrests following the incarceration of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.



EFF national spokesperson Mbuyiseni Quintin Ndlozi stated that political intolerance often reflected political parties that were terrified of political contestation.


“The EFF condemns the arrest of Mr Hichilema in the strongest possible terms, particularly when such is a political arrest…,” Ndlozi stated

Despite Mr Hichilema’s neo-liberal ideas that will not lead to much needed transformation of social circumstances and economic emancipation in Zambia, there is no need to arrest him.


He stated that there was no reason for political intolerance, violence and arrest of those that disagreed with President Lungu’s government.


“EFF will never tolerate political arrests and intolerance anywhere in the world, regardless of opposing views, particularly opposing views of political orientation. And we believe President Lungu had made progressive and admirable decisions to work with members of the opposition parties when elected in office to transform social circumstances and economic emancipation of people of Zambia, which makes the arrest of opposition leaders unreasonable, reckless and regrettable,” stated Ndlozi.

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