Sinda youths cry for jobs

YOUTHS in Sinda district have bemoaned the high rate of unemployment in the area.


Speaking during the formation of a district youth committee at Mawale guesthouse, district coordinator Simon Zulu lamented that a lot of youths in the district were denied access to employment and other government opportunities due to poor representation.



We have a lot of youths that are languishing in the communities despite having some qualification. They are denied access to certain opportunities. It’s the formation of this committee that will see to it that youths promote discipline in our district; it’s this committee that will see to it that companies that government sends to carry out certain developments activities in our district employ some of our youths as a way to provide employment to them,

Zulu said.



He said he would not hesitate to criticise the government if things did not go well in the nation with regard to youth welfare.


Zulu called on the government to ensure youths in Sinda were supported and empowered and appealed to the new committee to be strong and work as a team.


And district council chaplain Reverend Daniel Shamvu urged the committee to clean up the bad picture the previous committee had portrayed.



“We expect this committee to yield good fruits because we had this committee some time back but we never saw its results and it died a natural death because a lot of things had happened but the group remained mute. There were a lot of government funding to these youth groups across the country but we never saw our youths receiving any funding. If it so happened that funding was sent, then it grew wings and we don’t know how it flew and landed, so we expect this committee to restore the broken hope which the society had developed due to the recent committee which was weak,” he said.



Rev Shamvu appealed to the committee to reach out to the masses through churches, schools and other areas where youths were found and sensitise them on its presence in the district.



Sinda district commissioner Paradious Sakala, through administrative officer Codrington Sakala, said the programme was long overdue.


“We realise there are a lot of youths that the district has that need their voice to be heard. We know they may want to do certain things but their opportunities are limited and I am sure now we shall move forward,” said Sakala.

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