KBF wants a proliferation of law associations

Kelvin Bwalya Fube insists there’s need for more law associations in Zambia.
Speaking on Muvi television today after his attempt to impeach Law Association of Zambia president Linda Kasonde and her entire Council yesterday failed, Fube is now suggesting that since the country is multiparty, the practice of law should also be multiparty in the sense of several small pockets called “law associations” being created because the members have divergent views.

However, no where in the world do we have an example of a proliferation of law associations.
This is in an apparent support of a Bill tabled in Parliament by Patriotic Front member Kelvin Sampa to abolish the Law Association of Zambia by repealing the Act establishing it.

Fube, who withdrew his motion to impeach Kasonde at last Saturday’s Law Association of Zambia Extraordinary General Meeting after realising that it was going to be overwhelmingly defeated, now is saying: “Anyone propagating that we feared the vote is whispering in the wind”
Withdrawing his motion, Fube said he was doing it to foster in unity in the Law Association of Zambia.

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