Hamududu launches political party

FORMER Bweengwa UPND member of parliament Highvie Hamududu says Zambia needs a political force that speaks unity.


Speaking when he launched the Party of National Unity (PNU) this morning, an opposition front he is leading, Hamududu noted that it was not a secret that Zambia was currently polarised.


He explained that the two main forms of divisions in Zambia bordered on political and economic lines.


“If (polarisation is) not managed well, this country could end in a very chaotic position,” Hamududu said.


“The country is being torn apart by political extremism that has little room for political dialogue. This state of affairs is eating away the very fabric of national unity and collective progress as a country. In some cases, this tension is growing into deep-rooted ethnic hatred. A lot of energy and time is being expended on what divides us than what unites us.”
He recalled how the country became divided after the 2016 general elections.


“Open social media and see the insults against one another simply on political opinions! [But] should we continue like that? We need a force that condemns that in the strongest terms. You saw the divisions in the last elections – the country [was] divided into two halves. Yesterday, we were checking on Lusaka Times and bloggers were saying they are tired of the current situation in the political arena and they need a new force. The current political alternatives and the party in office are not inspiring to deal with issues of the moment,” he noted, adding that the opposition must provide clear-cut alternatives to the ruling party so that people can easily choose.


“The country is not united and therefore, you need a force that speaks unity [because] we have this polarisation that must be dealt with.”


He also dismissed perceptions that the intention of PNU was to destabilise the UPND in its traditional strongholds.


“On the destabilisation of the UPND in Southern Province; parties must not be formed with a regional agenda [but] parties must be formed with a national agenda. Don’t see Hamududu as a southerner but see me as a Zambian. This party is not formed for Southern Province but for Zambia…” he said and hinted that the party’s interim national executive would soon be announced.
And Hamududu pointed out that Zambia’s income inequalities were so high.


“If you read the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) report now, one of the dangers we are facing is income inequality. The economy is enjoyed by a few minority [while] the majority are left behind and yourselves here are one of them. The economic model introduced in the 1990s is called an exclusive model,” observed Hamududu.


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