RDA has failed us – ex-Chingola mayor

IT is evident that the Road Development Agency (RDA) has consistently failed Chingola district over quality and time bound road works, says former Chingola mayor McDonald Mulongoti.


Mulongoti, a socialist activist, stated that the case in point was the 2007 approved 23.5km stretch comprising 16 urban roads, which was still incomplete ten years later.


“One typical example is Mukuba Road in Chiwempala whereas most of the other roads lack proper drainage system. As such, the said Mukuba Road and Luapula Road in Chikola have some sections eroded by the rain. Could it be that drainages were not incorporated in the scope of work? That can be a serious omission. RDA and the council, being the road authority, owe the people of Chingola an explanation. If in Mkushi town, 30km can be completed in six months, why should 23.5km take more than ten years here? I should think our civic leaders need to be more resolute and the general public must also take them to account,” Mulongoti stated.


He stated that this narrowed down to the way people voted in a blanket manner or on partisan lines as opposed to deserving individuals, saying the norm ought to change.


“And I would like to implore the council to critically select roads for the 2017 allocation with the view to linking the entire district. I mean town areas such as Chingola Central, Nchanga South, River Side and all compounds and townships, which include, among others, Kasompe/Mimbula, Lulamba, Chiwempala, Chiwempala Site and Service, Maiteneke, Chabanyama, Twatasha, Kabundi, Kapisha and Soweto. Special consideration needs to be paid to peripheral roads, which define boundaries and help shape a loop; a tarred road should not have a dead end but form a loop with inner roads,” Mulongoti stated.


He further stated that all Chingola residents must jealously protect public property such as roads, especially in Chiwempala where people retrogressively and with impunity were lighting fire on both tarred and feeder roads during funerals thereby blocking them literary and causing extensive damage to them.


“Anyone who tries to stop them gets insulted, that’s the current level of moral decay including scrambling for food at funeral gatherings. Community leaders need to help end this. Blocking a road is a serious traffic offence,” stated Mulongoti.

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