Credible lawyers can’t be pushed around by politicians – Mambo

BISHOP John Mambo says Zambians will not cheapen themselves to do whatever politicians ask them to do.


In an interview yesterday, Bishop Mambo, who is Civil Society Constitution Agenda (CiSCA) chairperson, said lawyers were educated enough not to be pushed around by politicians.


The motion of no confidence by PF inclined lawyers – Kelvin Bwalya Fube, Rabson Malipenga, Tutwa Ngulube, Kondwani Musukwa and Terence Chabu – to impeach the executive led by Linda Kasonde on Saturday failed during an Extraordinary General Meeting at Radisson Blu Hotel.


“The outcome of Saturday’s Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) EGM is exciting to all of us. That was our position as CiSCA. Our position was that LAZ remains intact and this has come to pass. The whole world, the whole country would have doubted the kind of lawyers, who may even end up as judges, we have. But I think the position that was taken by many; the Catholic bishops, civil society and all well meaning Zambians, has come to pass,” Bishop Mambo said.


“This is how it is supposed to be. People must have their own views and we should not allow people to sponsor others to do certain things. Zambians cannot cheapen themselves to a level where whatever they are told to do by politicians it is done. What lawyers did on Saturday is something that most of us should be proud of. Lawyers are learned people and are here to strengthen the rule of law. Once we begin to push them to do certain things that would weaken the rule of law, then we are making a mistake.”



He said LAZ was not a political party to be influenced by anybody and that Zambians should not allow the PF to destroy it.



Bishop Mambo said it was indisputable that the PF government wanted to kill LAZ the way they managed to destroy The Post.



“They killed The Post; they are trying to kill The Mast also. What is happening is not democratic. We are failing to grow our democracy as a country. If you look at what is happening in the country, it is a sad story. We cannot claim to be a young democracy, we are mature enough in the sense that we liberated most of the African countries. We should have been an example and not what is happening today: no freedom of assembly, expression…you cannot be attacked just because you have contrary views to the party in government,” he said.



“What are we trying to do to our country? Do we want to go back to what we were before independence? We cannot allow this to continue. I am happy with what happened at the LAZ EGM and we should all wake up before the minority end up serving us and turn us into a banana Republic. We should all stand up and speak out. People are now afraid of doing certain things in this country. Let us forgive each other and treat each other as brothers and sisters because we are one. What I know is that if you call yourself a believer, your work must show that you are truly a believer. It is not by tittle, your fruits must show that you are a true believer.”



Bishop Mambo said Zambian leaders should practice compassion and love towards the people they serve.

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