Failed attempt to impeach LAZ council a shameful slap on PF’s face – Dr Sakanya

THE failed attempt to hound out the LAZ council led by Linda Kasonde using ruling party cadre lawyers is a big, shameful slap on the face of the PF government, says academician Dr Samuel Sakanya.


A motion of no confidence in Kasonde’s executive failed to go through after majority lawyers opposed it during an extra ordinary general meeting held at the Radisson Blue Hotel in Lusaka.


PF inclined lawyers – Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF), Rabson Malipenga, Tutwa Ngulube, Terrence Chabu and Kondwani Musukwa – were the movers of the motion to impeach the entire Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) council on allegations of bias and immaturity.


In an interview, Dr Sakanya said the PF government should be ashamed of itself over the manner it was trying to mutilate institutions of governance and silence dissenting views.


“Since 2015 when President Edgar Lungu took over government, one can easily see the devastation and serious degradation his government has caused to democracy in the country. They are fighting everyone. Every institution or individuals that oppose them or hold a different view from theirs must be fought and mutilated and that’s their approach to politics. You can see in practice their ulterior motives in the way they shut down The Post and sold its assets, they also temporarily shut Muvi TV and other radio stations, they have gone for the opposition with leaders being incarcerated and not knowing they are trying an impossibility, they went for Linda Kasonde and her executive. The flopped attempt to hound out Linda Kasonde and her executive from LAZ using PF inclined cadre lawyers is a big shameful slap on the face of the PF government,” Dr Sakanya said.


He said the PF government had not only restricted their venomous approach to critical media institutions but they had gone further to demobilise and try to discredit voices of individuals such as that of prominent politician Vernon Mwaanga.


Dr Sakanya said the only sin that Kasonde and her executive at LAZ had committed was not to be PF cadres and praise-singers of President Edgar Lungu.


“The PF government under President Lungu has not only lost direction but in their quest to conceal their mediocrity, they are now busy trying to get on LAZ by either removing its leadership or divide membership through manoeuvres such as formation of another law association. If we had even 10 million Zambians of Linda Kasonde’s character, this country would have been totally different for the better,” said Dr Sakanya. “In Zambia today, many of those in high positions that are expected to stand for the truth and for what is just, no longer side with reason or morality, they would rather be quiet despite their academic credentials and qualifications. We have become a dangerous nation that is just watching while criminality is being committed by those wielding political power.”

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