ZTA urges NSCZ’s new executive to prioritise all sports disciplines

ZAMBIA Tennis Association president Francis Musonda says the newly elected committee of the National Sports Council of Zambia must prioritise all sports disciplines.


And Musonda has hailed the composition of the NSCZ saying it was rightly balanced to deliver the needs of sports associations in the country.


The new committee comprises Professor Kavwanga Yambayamba, Dr Hikabwa Chipande, Joseph Chimpampwe, Marlon Kananda, Norena Chiteba, Charles Mwanza and Paul Kaluba.


In an interview, Musonda said he had no doubt that the new committee that replaced the Mwamba Kalenga-led executive committee would reach out to all sports federations and promote all sports and not just football.


“The new board is a welcome development, very well composed. We have no issues with its composition and we believe it will deliver. They must now work on promoting all sports, not just football,” Musonda said.



“I am very happy with the composition of the new committee because they seem energetic and ready to work, we hope for the best from them.”


There had been a long standing outcry from several sports associations that successive NSCZ executives had sidelined the so-called minor sports even when they produced better results than major sports disciplines.

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