Whatsapp has worldwide breakdown – throwing millions of users into turmoil as chat connections fail

WhatsApp has completely broken; Whatsapp has gone down on what is believed to be a worldwide scale – leaving millions of users without a connection.


The messaging app is thought to have gone down in Europe, South America, Africa and the US.


The popular messaging app is reported to be malfunctioning, and won’t allow users to connect to their chat messages. People are unable to send or receive chats or even load up conversations, according to users. Hundreds of people from different countries have already taken to Twitter to flag the problem.


And there doesn’t seem to be any easy way of fixing the issue, which is affecting many of its users and is likely a problem with its servers.


Problems with the app surged over the last hour, according to the website Down Detector.


Those problems were particularly focused in western Europe, the East Coast of the US and South America, according to the same website. But that may simply be a result of timezones, and the problems could be happening elsewhere.


Users are reporting problems with sending and receiving messages, logging in or loading the app at all.


A spokesperson for the company has told Reuters that Whatsapp is aware of the problem is trying to fix it.


The chat app breaks less than some of its competitors. But it has run into problems in the past – including a major outage that hit it on New Year’s Eve in 2015.


Unlike other popular apps, WhatsApp doesn’t maintain a status page to alert users to when it is broken. It has a Twitter account intended for doing so but hasn’t used it since 2014, despite having more than two million follows.


Over a billion people are believed to rely on the Facebook-owned app for messaging.


It’s a free app that lets users chat and call each other for no charge, as well as sending links, videos and pictures.


When it launched, the instant messaging service – which connects via 3G or wireless networks – was only available to smartphone users.


The messaging app is also reportedly working on a feature that could let users unsend embarrassing messages after they have been sent.


As long as the double-blue tick wasn’t showing, users could reportedly press and hold on a message to bring up the options to edit or revoke the message.


But it is not clear if, or when, the update will be rolled out.

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