State witness apologises for lying in court

A STATE witness in Hakainde Hichilema’s use of insulting language case has apologized in court for lying. Mpanzi Mbita has told the court that he had been standing for too long and that was what made him to lie.


He said this after court resumed following a 15-minute adjournment of the trial in the matter.


Mbita said  he was at Hichilema’s house during the night raid but that he did not enter the premises. He could enter the house but went there the following day around 11 hours. He said it was not his intention to mislead the court in his earlier testimony and that he has been standing for too long, hence cheating. State advocate Mwewa then said what the state witness had said was the correct position.



But defense lawyer Jack Mwiimbu said the team has taken note of the apology by the state witness and that it was part of the recordings and the apology was accepted. Magistrate Greenwell Malumani has ruled that he has taken into account the apology by the State witness for telling lies in court which was tantamount to perjury.



He said the State witness must tell the truth and that courts were there to dispense justice. Magistrate Malumani said it was not the duty of police to convict people but to take suspects to court . He said Mbita,  being a police Intelligence officer, has no powers to convict but only to take suspects to court and that he must tell the truth. Magistrate Malumani said when one is a witness, he stops being the state but a mere witness.


He said the witness should stop thinking that the State was there to protect him for telling lies and warned that should he repeat the lies, he will be punished.

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