Friday 12/05/2017

Kamanga, Kalusha must work together

Dear Editor,
First let me congratulate great Kalu for being appointed as chairperson for Caf Technical Committee, formerly held by Patel Sekute to whom Kalu was the vice.
Kalusha will also be responsible to run another portfolio on beach football. The most interesting part is that in attendance was the Faz President Andrew Kamanga and his deputy.  Thank you Andrew for harmonising the football fraternity at large because  we need you and Kalusha to run football at its best not as enemies like politicians  who regard the opposition as an enemy. Elections are over and ended at Moba hotel in Kitwe, now its time to work together. Kalu has what it takes concerning the right connections in football circles.  Andrew has the managerial requirements. If you put those two heads together,  Zambia will produce better results, besides extend an olive branch to those perceived enemies, pardon all those suspects for the sake of football development.
David Mandona,

Reject dictatorship, 3rd term bid

Dear Editor,
Towards the end of the second-term of Frederick Chiluba, the issue of his third-term bid came up.  This was a debate which was actually sponsored by FTJ through his surrogates.  The whole country was engaged in the debate for and against the third-term bid.  Among the groups against the bid were the 22 former members of the MMD, most of them had served as ministers or MPs. The Post Newspapers, ZCTU; LAZ; NGOs, Church mother bodies; University & College student unions and the general public were also against Chiluba’s third term bid.  After a long debate, FTJ’s third-term bid failed.  As a consequence of the expulsion of the 22 members of the MMD, a number of political parties sprung up among them the Patriotic Front led by the late Michael Chilufya Sata.
We have found ourselves in the same situation today with Presdident Edgar Lungu claiming that he is eligible to stand in 2021. He instigated the debate when he went to Mozambique where he claimed that Zambian residents in that country thought he was eligible for a third-term bid.  Clearly, our Constitution does not allow Lungu to stand in 2021.  His surrogates have come out strongly to support this unconstitutional bid.  In due course, we shall see the amendment of the Constitution which will allow him to stand.  The Constitutional Court (ConCourt) judges are on standby to rule in his favour.
I shudder to ask why the situation of FTJ is different from the current debate.  What quickly comes to my mind is that the 22 expelled members of the MMD were brave and courageous to an extent that they challenged FTJ to drop his bid.  It is a pity that the members of the PF either in cabinet or parliament cannot challenge Lungu because they have been intimidated beyond measure such that they cannot talk against his third-term bid.
This has even affected the independent members of parliament who behave as if they are PF cadres.  In addition, the Post is no more, the church mother body is silent except for the Catholic bishops who issued a damning statement recently on the dictatorial tendencies of Lungu’s regime. The surrogates of the PF are busy fighting LAZ so that it is weakened and the ZCTU is almost dead.  Further, the student unions are intimidated to such an extent that whoever opposes the government won’t be eligible for student loans or bursaries.  The general public has been intimidated by police and PF cadre brutality that they can no longer talk against the government.
We should not leave the fight against dictatorship to the UPND, The Mast, the Catholic bishops, Bishop Mambo of Chikondi Foundation, the DA and EFF parties of South Africa, one US Senator, and former prime minister of Kenya, Odinga.  We should all rise and fight dictatorship and the third-term bid.


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