Monday 15/05/2017

Zesco needs better management not high tariffs

Dear Editor,
It is my considered view that the increase in electricity tariffs is not just meant to improve power service delivery and spur growth in the sector.
It is my considered view that Zesco did not need to raise tariff. The previous tariffs were not too low. But the problem at Zesco was inefficiency. Clearly Zesco has serious management issues. Their overheads are deliberately too high. The problem is the politicisation of the institutions. Zesco is not allowed to operate independently and freely. There is too much political interference there. Zesco has been the cash cow of the government. That is where they pick up easy money. HAd it not been for this Zesco would never need to raise tariffs.
And the reason we seem to have an urgent need to raise tariffs is because the government is broke. They need money from Zesco to save them from the embarrassment of totally failing to run the economy. In short, I believe through this tariff hike ordinary Zambians are being made to pay for the inefficiencies of the leaders.
All the talk about cost-reflective tariffs to attract investment is neither here nor there. Even if there was absolute need to adjust the tariffs, this would be a wrong time to do that. People are yet to recover from the shock of the fuel hikes barely a your ago and the attendant high commodity prices.
Sata and Mwanawasa being the caring presidents they were rejected Zesco’s proposals to raise tariffs. This is because they knew the effects of such a move on the ordinary people. But President Lungu even went to the extent of saying the the tariff hike was non-negotiable long before the ERB even concluded its public hearings, which showed that those hearings were simply academic and a sheer waste of money. President Lungu has demonstrated that he does not care about the plight of the ZAmbians. If he did, he would not have allowed fuel prices to go up last year and would most certainly not have allowed these killer tariffs to take effect.
Roy Silwamba


Is Zambia’s Constitution alive?
Dear Editor,
Allow the Zambians to ask madam honourable justice Ireen Mambilima formerly held in high esteem, to give guidance as to what has gone wrong in in the judiciary in regard to court judgements. It seems every judgment passed against anyone opposing the pf party, is not attended to or ignored.
Madam let’s us remind you but you should know that.
1. The Post was granted leave by the Tax revenue appeals to grant the Post Newspaper time to pay outstanding tax obligations but someone through your office went ahead to exercise illegal powers and had the newspaper liquidated.
2. Recently, the court ruled that the illegal seizure of the politically incarcerated leaders properties’ in police custody be released, the police force sent off the lawyer in charge of collecting the properties.
This renders our hard working judicial officers useless, thus portraying them compromised, corrupt and abused, for fear of losing their jobs.
Madam, Hon. Justice Ireen, like others, why don’t you resign in the interest of the nation, so as to save the interest of mother Zambia.
You have failed Zambians at this moment. Look at your dis hourable judge Sunday Nkonde. You have been silent when the situation demands that you act in the interest of justice and in the interest of the the standing of the judiciary.
David Mandona,


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