Msoni advises Lungu not to waste time on ‘useless’ political ventures

NASON Msoni says it is worthless for President Edgar Lungu to anchor his governance priority on political pursuits that add no value to the improvement of citizens’ lives.


And Msoni, the All People’s Congress (APC) leader, says it’s not rational for President Lungu to continue receiving taxpayers’ money for his upkeep but refuse to be criticised by the same taxpayers.


Msoni, in an interview, advised President Lungu to deal with substantive issues affecting Zambians instead of wasting precious time on fruitless and useless political ventures.


[Don’t engage in] political pursuits that are not adding any value towards improving the quality lifestyle of our people,

Msoni said.


The opposition leader also noted that citizens’ patience was thinning out.


Your government is wasting a lot of public resources towards beefing up police operations on opponents instead of using these resources to procure drugs and other vital life serving equipment. The priorities of this government are totally misplaced,

Msoni said.


“More public resources are being poured into persecuting real or imaginary enemies. It’s obvious that the country is being held backwards by the kind of governance styles of President Lungu.”


And Msoni reminded President Lungu that he cannot be a recipient of public funds and expect not to be criticised.


As long as your upkeep revolves around the usage of public funds, expect to be criticised by citizens,

he said.


Msoni said the hard times Zambia was undergoing required leaders who were resourceful and responsible in the usage of the available meagre resources.


We urge President Lungu to trim down on useless and wasteful expenditures. We further urge him to avoid wasting public resources on non-essential protracted and useless litigations motivated and peddled by unmanaged anger occasioned by emotional turbulence. Accept that other stakeholders have a role to play in the wellbeing of the state,

said Msoni.

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