Zambian Breweries introduces 330mls returnable glass bottles for Castle Lite

ZAMBIAN Breweries has introduced 330 milliliters returnable glass bottles (RGB) for its Castle Lite lager.


Country director Annabelle Degroot said the introduction of the new returnable glass bottles (RGB) was a direct response to public concerns over the one-way glass with no recycling option.

The returnable bottle will allow us to pass on the packing cost savings to consumers thereby making Castle Lite more affordable while safeguarding its premium taste. We want to assure our customers that it is the same quality refreshing and cold Castle Lite. Nothing has changed apart from packaging it in the returnable bottles,

Degroot stated.
The new Castle Lite returnable glass bottle will be sold for K8, registering a price reduction of between K2 and K4 from one way bottles depending on where the purchase is made.
Degroot assured consumers that the company remained focussed on offering a wide range of choices.


“Hence, the one way packs would remain available for occasions where a one way pack is more convenient,” she stated.
Degroot stated that the move towards local production of Castle Lite was also motivated by the government’s reduction in excise duty on clear beer from 60 per cent to 40 per cent announced in the 2016 national budget.


Further, the business equally invested in a new state-of-art USD $33 million malting plant in the Lusaka South Multi-Facility Economic Zone…We are very pleased to be launching the Castle Lite returnable bottle in line with our strategy which is aimed at creating value through the reduction of waste,

said Degroot.

“We will be partnering with our recycling program, Manja Pamodzi, to ensure the collection of discarded bottles becomes another revenue stream for our collection agents in our community, most of whom are women.”

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