A police force of liars, politically compromised officers

Maybe Hakainde Hichilema called those police officers all those ‘insulting’ names they were claiming out of anger because of the abusive way they had treated him and his family. Or maybe – as Hakainde and his lawyers have insisted all along –  he was just the innocent victim of a dishonest, incompetent, politically compromised, vindictive and brutal police force with a proven pattern of lying which was out to win a conviction to satisfy its tyrannical political masters.



Whichever is true, Hakainde has been acquitted, is a free man now, at least on this charge of insulting police officers, after spending over a month in court.


Hakainde was acquitted because the police, on behalf of their political masters, failed to prove its case against him beyond any reasonable doubt.


Hakainde was, among other reasons, acquitted because the police and the prosecutors withheld evidence that was favourable to him and repeatedly lied on oath to get him nailed to the cross. That was pretty outrageous.



It is said that if a police officer lies and convicts an innocent person and they get executed, they’re just as dead as if a police officer shot him. It’s another way in which police can violate someone’s human rights. It’s said if one can lie, they can kill. What abuse can’t police officers commit for their political masters?



Hakainde’s case is one of a growing number of politically motivated or engineered cases where police officers shamelessly lie to get the opponents of their political masters fixed.


Police officers and their prosecutors are constitutionally required to turn over all favourable, material evidence to the accused person. That includes evidence of police dishonesty such as lying in an official proceeding, falsifying evidence or stealing when an officer is going to testify, but can also include excessive use of force. The defense could then use the information to impeach an officer’s testimony.



What we saw in Hakainde’s insulting police officers case is not an isolated incident, it is a general pattern of police behaviour. They have to be seen to be ready to do anything wanted by their supreme political masters, demi-gods. For that, they are always ready to violate the constitutionally protected rights of citizens. And quite often, the magistrates and judges, for the same reasons, go along with them. Magistrate Malumani’s conduct is not usual in our courts – it’s exceptional and should be celebrated.


Most of our magistrates and judges don’t consider lying police officers to be quite the same as shooting police officers. They help them to commit violence against the suspect by words, lies but words, lies can have the same effect. In this case, the only evidence against Hakainde were testimonies from dishonest police officers with a proven record of lying under oath as well as embarrassing levels of incompetence.



Dishonest police officers harm society and the due process of the law and as such, they should not be tolerated and left in their jobs to be  promoted. It was actually not right for magistrate Malumani to allow them to get away with lying, perjury.



These same dishonest police officers will be the ones testifying against Hakainde in the treason case! What will be their status given this record of dishonesty, lying?


And these are the same officers they are using in most of the politically motivated prosecutions. What should an accused person do when facing them in court given their record of dishonesty, lying?


If ever Hakainde had called them what they allege he called them, he would still be justified: how else can one refer to such shamelessly dishonest, lying, incompetent and clearly politically compromised police officers? Things must be called by their names – liars are liars, idiots are idiots, fools are fools and so on and so forth. Why should it be an insult to call a liar a liar, an idiot an idiot, a fool a fool?


But this is what happens to public officers when they are politically compromised and take operational orders from corrupt, intolerant, tyrannical and often empty and morally bankrupt politicians – they make a fool of themselves! It’s this practice that has destroyed our police, courts and the public sector in general. Look how foolish they are today looking! Or they have stopped being embarrassed; nisebana wikute!


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