I was assaulted in the plane by Zambian security officers – Maimane

DA leader Mmusi has told the eNCA that he and his colleagues were assaulted in the plane by Zambian Security officials who also grabbed their communication devices.


They pushed us down by our heads and threatened us,

Maimane said via phone on his return to South Africa after Zambian authorities deported him soon after landing at Keneth Kaunda International Airport.


He said he was also denied the right to appeal over the denial of entry to Zambia and further denied his request for legal consultancy over the matter.


I came to offer solidarity to an opposition leader who I believe is unfairly accused of an offence punishable by death because I know him as a friend and a colleague,

said Maimane.


I was of the view that Zambia is a democratic country which wouldn’t have had a problem in allowing a South African visitor who has a right of entry like our country does to Zambian citizens.

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