FAZ warns against sale of counterfeit replica kits

THE Football Association of Zambia has warned that anyone found selling illegal Chipolopolo replica of the new MAFRO kit will be dealt with by the law.


FAZ has entered into a two-year kit supply contract with MAFRO, the Singaporean kit manufacturer, after ending a short-term contract with Kappa.


In a statement today, FAZ general secretary Ponga Liwewe stated that the association retains all the copyrights in the kit dealership and all official selling points, including the prices, will be announced during the launch on June 8.


FAZ wishes to advise members of the public that the association retains all copyright and patents on the national team jersey. It is illegal for anyone to produce any alternative kit for sale as replica jerseys. The association will make the price of the replicas affordable to ensure that fans have the pride of donning their team’s colours. The price will be announced at the launch. Official distribution points will be announced during the launch and FAZ would like to warn that any purchase outside the designated points will be of illegal merchandise. FAZ would like to encourage fans to support the association by purchasing genuine replica products from our official vendors,

Liwewe stated.


FAZ recently signed a two-year sponsorship deal with MAFRO and the U-20 is already dressed in the new kit for the FIFA World Cup in South Korea.


The three sets of replicas comprise Green, Orange plus the additional white strip.

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