Today’s Church only interested in money, says evangelist Kufa

EVANGELIST Charles Kufa says it is unfortunate that the church today is busy applauding wrong things just to make money.


Evangelist Kufa, a Seventh-Day-Adventist (SDA) Church pastor, said on 5FM’s ‘The bible of true Godliness’ programme recently that the church in Zambia needed to wake up.


“The church is silent; the church is only interested in collecting money. Wake up church. This is not time for sleeping. This is the time for the church to become militant. This is a holy nation and when Jesus preached his last sermon, this is what he said…many people say no, Jesus was not political…yes he was not political but he spoke words that touched everybody, including the Roman Empire. Once the church starts sleeping on the same bed with politicians, there is mayhem and anarchy. Even when Jesus was on earth, the church never used to see eye to eye with their colonial masters, the Roman Empire,” evangelist Kufa said.



“Jesus preached to the crowd and said, ‘go ye and tell that fox’…he called Harold a fox. Harold was a powerful man and ruler of the Roman Empire. The church instead of speaking mercy…the church was persecuting those who were speaking for the vulnerable. That is why they killed Jesus. They concocted a case he had not committed. That is why they even went to arrest him at night…How can a holy nation allow atrocities to be committed and you are quiet? Wake up church.”



He said the Church today had gone into a silent mode.



The church today has gone silent. The church is in silent mode…wake up church. Now today, you are being told by politicians about human rights; human rights are there in the bible. This issue of people when they get political power then they assume monopoly of wisdom, I don’t know where it is coming from and it is happening all over the world. I don’t understand. How can a holy nation neglect judgment, mercy and faith? The church should not focus on money they bring in. People are killing each other, marriages are breaking and the church is quiet, wake up church!

evangelist Kufa said.




“The atrocities happening in the country, the church must speak against this. The church should not be scared. When you speak out against wrong things, it does not mean that you have become political, no! That is your God-given duty. In Zambia, we have been through certain issues that some of us who have been there from the early days even before independence…when Zambia was even being ruled by colonial masters. Later on, things started to change. There was dignity and yet Zambia was not known to be a Christian nation…not the things that are happening today.”

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