Zambians justified to demand their rights, says Shimunza

MOVEMENT for National Transformation president Daniel Shimunza says democracy without justice is the foundation of anarchy in the nation.


Shimunza, in a press statement, stated that it was justified for citizens to demand for their democratic rights and justice.


He added that where the rights of rulers ended, rights of the ruled started.


“Democracy is about the collective will of the people. The will of the people cannot be oppressed long enough before the downfall of the oppressors. Zambians demand freedom of privacy, movement, expression, assembly and all human fundamental rights,” Shimunza stated.


“There is no prison big enough to hold the will of the Zambian people. There is no law enforcement in any nation big enough to kill the will of the people.”


He pointed out that an opportunity to rule for any ruling party was a privilege from God and a favour from Zambians.


“The wheels of governance may turn tomorrow, then what? Change may come, then what? What happened to North African dictators? They are all gone! These are lessons for leaders everywhere. When rulers become unjust, it angers God Himself,” Shimunza cautioned, adding that the collective will of the people was the basis upon which democracy thrived.


And Shimunza, who announced the formation of his party, MNT, on April 19 in Lusaka, stated that democracy was not about coercion but persuasion of the people.


“Democracy starts with elections and does not end with governance. Manipulation of the people is the worst form of undesirable governance for self-serving interests. God who is just can appoint and disappoint rulers who are proud as [it is written] in Daniel 4:17,” he stated.


Shimunza further contended that the current developments of injustice and undemocratic tendencies in Zambia were signs of impending punishment for architects.


“When leaders stop listening to the voice of reason and conscience, to oppress others, judgment from God may fall. Where is Pharaoh or Nebuchadnezzar today? They are gone, as examples of pride and injustice. The denial of the rights of others angers God and threatens harmony in a nation. Leaders must not preach unity while being unjust,” advised Shimunza.

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