Nkana committee member warns Simataa over Walter

A NKANA executive committee member has warned Simataa Simataa against drag his club in “his differences” with FAZ regarding Lusaka Dynamos’ docked points over player registration irregularities.

But Simataa, who is Lusaka Dynamos chief executive officer, has insisted that he will not back down and would only wait for a ruling from Football House.
Simataa has sent a protest letter to FAZ, claiming that striker Walter Bwalya was ineligible to play in the Zambian league at Nkana as he did not have a valid International Transfer Certificate (ITC) to play in the local league.

Simataa’s move comes in the wake of Dynamos’ loss of points for using Tresor Kanyinda, a Congolese striker in the game against Power Dynamos who did not have an ITC from his parent club in Congo.

Kanyinda spent a six months loan stint at Nkana where he was unused until he joined Dynamos and was straight away put in the starting line-up which Power successfully protested.

In a Facebook posting this week, Simataa stated: “Before the Tresso precedence, we believed the FAZ card was sufficient evidence of proper registration. Since then, we have come to learn that one can question the process behind the registration. We intend to question every player with questionable playing backgrounds – watch this space. No threat or insult or intimidation will stop us. If rules apply to LD, they must apply to all else.”

Simataa’s continued attacks on Bwalya’s eligibility has enraged Nkana with Charles Chikwelete, one of the long-serving executive committee members at Nkana, who was instrumental in luring the striker from Forest Rangers to Nkana, inviting him for a personal ‘face-off’ than drag the club in his personal battles with FAZ.


He should not drag us into his politics. Why is he always on the political side of football? Warn him, let him stop the utterances, let him face me personally. We are not responsible for his club losing points to Power Dynamos. He should leave Walter [Bwalya] alone. Why should he demand an ITC from a player we bought locally; we bought him from Forest in Ndola where he had been playing for over two years. Let him know that football is bigger than him, why should we listen to him always? Let him face me, he needs to hear from me,

said an angry Chikwelete.

When contacted, Simataa said: “The case is before FAZ. Yes, I took the letter at half time [during Dynamos vs Nkana last Sunday] and we are waiting for FAZ and I have not been there to withdraw the matter.”

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