LD fires Simataa

LUSAKA Dynamos Football Club has relieved Simataa Simataa of his duties as general secretary following a dispute.


Sources at the club disclosed that Simataa had a personal dispute with the team’s coach Mahammed Fathi.


The sources revealed that Simataa initiated the fight by convening a meeting to discipline Fathi over a personal matter which has prompted the club to fire him.


“A lot of us did not approve of Simataa’s style of leadership and this led to grudges between him and Fathi. It is Simataa who called for an executive meeting where he wanted Fathi to be disciplined, but it failed because it was a personal matter and now it’s him who has been fired,” disclosed sources.


However, Simataa has wished his former club well as he leaves and hopes they emerge victorious in the Super League.


“It is with both a sense of pride and sadness that I am having to leave you and the club today. My services have been terminated. Through the hard work of everyone in the period I have served the club, Lusaka Dynamos is currently at the top of the super division table.


“And my wish as I leave is that the club continues with this fine run so that the club emerges as champions at the end of the current campaign. I wish to thank the board and everyone associated with the club in the manner they supported me during the period I served as CEO,” Simataa wrote on Facebook after he was fired.

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