PF supported churches dancing to Lungu’s tune, says Mambo

PF-SPONSORED churches are the ones dancing to President Edgar Lungu’s tunes not the genuine ones, says Bishop John Mambo.



Bishop Mambo, founder and president of Chikondi Foundation, said no  amount of money would compromise genuine Christians who stand for truth.



He said it was unacceptable for President Lungu to tell off the Church mother bodies that were merely stating the ills the PF and its praise singers had put the country through.



He called on genuine Christians to continue speaking in the lives of those who were departing from the values that the country stood for as a Christian State.



I have been following what the President said and people calling Bishop Mpundu and the three Church mother bodies names; it’s uncalled for. All cannot be on your side. When things are not alright, you need people that can come out, especially the three church mother bodies,  and speak out with one voice. This has been [the case] since independence of this country,

Bishop Mambo said.



“Zambia is appreciated worldwide, that we have a church that speaks with one voice. In some countries, you will not find this. Evangelicals…known as pentecostals and the Council of Churches coming out speaking with a united voice and in all they are doing; whether in medical services delivery or uniting this country together, we have always spoken with one voice,” Bishop Mambo said.


The churches that are sponsored are the ones dancing to the tunes of President Lungu by speaking as if they are not Christians. If they are Christians, they should watch themselves. The bible is very clear that touch not the anointed, point no finger to the anointed people of God.



He said no amount of money would compromise genuine Christians who stood for truth.



Bishop Mambo wondered why President Lungu got upset when the three church mother bodies told the nation the truth regarding the country’s current state instead of heeding their concerns.



He said from time immemorial, the Church had been speaking on behalf of citizens.



“Zambia is a Christian nation declared in the preamble of the Constitution. That means we should govern based on the Christian principles. The Church must speak out, there is no money that can buy the three Church mother bodies. There is no money that can buy me, there is no money that can purchase the blood of Archbishop Mpundu because it was purchased at a high cost,” Bishop Mambo said.




In a democracy, you should not be upset. Zambia gave freedom to South Africa but Zuma is being booed openly. In a democracy, you are supposed to have an elephant skin in the interest of leadership. I am called names 24/7 even by people that I am feeding, even by people I sent to school but I am a leader, I must look up to God. The President’s reaction not only to Zambian people but also to the statement by the three Church mother bodies is uncalled for. It’s like a house is on fire and you have a big fire engine that can quench but you start stoning that fire engine while the house is on fire.



He said the Church was right to point out that the country was at the crossroads owing to how President Lungu had been treating those who were opposed to his leadership.



Bishop Mambo said the country’s citizenry would not be reduced to praise singers whose interest was merely to worship President Lungu even when it was clear that he was driving the nation into tyranny.



They (Church mother bodies) said the country is at a crossroad, the country is sliding into dictatorship, if not already there. I am on record having said that if Zambia is not careful and just want to be praise singers, where you praise the President even when he does wrong then we are heading into a wrong direction,

Bishop Mambo said.



“The President is the servant of the people, he is the commander-in-chief, and he must have the generals and the generals that labour with him. Let’s grow our democracy. What is wrong with the Church saying the way HH is being treated is wrong? What is wrong with saying the way The Post was handled was wrong?” Bishop Mambo asked, adding that refusing to have an indaba showed that President Lungu was not ready to bring healing to the country.




He said President Lungu was answerable to the citizens whose vote he asked for through the church and chiefs that he was now insulting.



Bishop Mambo said an opinion did not warrant an offence as one needeneeded to either take it or leave it.



He said demeaning church leaders was uncalled for and insulting.


 When the President said there will be no Indaba, it means he is not ready to bring healing in this country. The Church is on record that we did call, that can we meet but those surrounding him stopped him. Who elected the President? During election campaigns, they go around churches and around villages,

said Bishop Mambo.



“Apart from being a church leader myself, I am a village headman looking after over 10 villages. Those are voters and need to hear where we are heading as a country.



An opinion does not warrant an offence; take it or leave it but you don’t answer the way he is answering. Now everyone is demeaning Church leaders; that’s uncalled for. It’s an insult.”

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