Enemy within more dangerous than one outside, says Lungu

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says he believes the enemy within the PF is more dangerous than the one outside. And President Lungu advised the Patriotic Front members in the province to be united, telling them that there is nothing worse than a house divided.


President Lungu said the enemies of the PF were happy seeing the ruling party divided.


He said those that were unhappy with the efforts of reconciliation that had taken place with the meeting he had chaired when he was in the province a few days ago were busy “ranting like wild rabbid dogs”.


“You can tell, you can know and you can see them. Nga chaba shani? Abanenu balefwaya umutende. Nga imwe chinshi chashupa (how is it like? Your friends want peace. What about you? What’s your problem?” President Lungu asked on arrival at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Airport in Ndola yesterday.


He said even in a home, when there is unity between a husband and a wife, some people were not happy and when there was disunity, “they feel good, thinking maybe the husband will chase the wife so that they can come in”.


President Lungu said Leadership was not an easy thing and advised the provincial leadership to guard their positions jealously because there were many who were envious of them and wished to occupy their positions.


He said there were those that wanted the leadership committees dissolved so that they could plant their loyalists. President Lungu said when things were not going right, they encouraged disunity.


But all I can say is that here on the Copperbelt Province, all party leadership committees at district, provincial and constituency are under probation. This simply means we are watching you. We will guide and advise you. But when you misfire, you have to go,

President Lungu said.


He, however, stated that he was very reluctant to separate with some officials because care had to be taken when doing so.


The enemy within is more dangerous. The enemy within is more dangerous. Those that destroy peace many times are people you live with,

President Lungu said.


He said he was on the Copperbelt not to destroy but to build.


“There is a point beyond which you say I can’t take it. But for now, the Copperbelt, we are with you. The leadership, the provincial minister, the provincial chairman. But mark my words, you are on probation. These days there is google, go and google the word probation,” said President Lungu, who is in Ndola for the International Trade Fair.

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