THE State has again moved treason accused UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his co-accused back to Mukobeko Maximum Security Prison for detention.


The latest move has shocked the opposition leader’s lawyers.


I can just confirm that there is a total breakdown of the law and order in this country. You may be aware that there is a court order which has not been varied by anyone and today [yesterday] when the matter [where Hichilema sued religious affairs minister Godfridah Sumaili for contempt] came up this morning, it was adjourned to 26 with the existing order that they must be detained here,

Jack Mwiimbu explained.


We are only caught unaware that the State decided to do what they have done today. We wait and see if there is anything else that they have done. We have no documents whatsoever pertaining to his movement to Kabwe. We have no idea, all I can say is just that there is just lawlessness.


He said there was a valid court order that brought Hichilema and co-accused brought back from Mukobeko and be detained at Lusaka Central Prison facility and that it has not been challenged by anybody.


We will check with our sources and find out exactly what has transpired and then we will make a decision, because definitely he will be wanted by court,

said Mwiimbu in a brief interview.


Hichilema and his co-accused were moved by road. He has been in prison for over 90 days now over alleged treason.


The State initially moved Hichilema but a Magistrate Court ordered that he be brought back to Lusaka because he was required in the matter he had asked the court to cite religious affairs minister Rev Godfridah Sumaili.


Later, the State applied that they take back the opposition leader and his co-accused back to Mukobeko, citing security reasons.


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