Sinda councillors’ ignorance shocks NGO

REGIONAL Psychosocial Support Initiative (REPSSI) country director Kelvin Ngoma has challenged civic leaders in Sinda to be knowledgeable because being ignorant will not help them solve community problems.


Speaking on Tuesday at Chochi guesthouse at the closure of a two-day workshop on popularisation and domestication of SADC minimum package of services, Ngoma observed that Sinda civic leaders were ignorant in a lot of things, a situation that made them fail to provide necessary solutions to challenges communities faced.


He told the councillors that communities looked up to them as policymakers and wondered how a policy maker could be so blank on key issues.


Don’t be so blank councillors. A councillor shouldn’t be so blank because the eyes of the communities are on you to give them the updates and correct information. But it’s so surprising to discover that most civic leaders are not knowledgeable enough. Be knowledgeable; as you know, knowledge is power because if you are not, someone with negative plans can disturb your plans and developmental activities,

Ngoma advised.


He said during the general elections, the electorates voted for the President, members of parliament, civic leaders and council chairperson to form government.


Ngoma wondered how the President could be helped govern well if those on the ground did not identify possible solutions to the challenges that communities faced.


“What solution can civic leaders provide to the communities if every time they are the ones complaining and talking negative about government?” he asked.


Stop talking about government in a negative way because you are the government, you are the ones who should answer questions raised in the community concerning government but if you are in forefront complaining, then we are heading nowhere; then you better resign because we expect you to answer our concerns…


Ngoma said it is believed and proved that children in various communities faced a lot of challenges and called on civic leaders to speak for the voiceless.


The Southern Africa Developing Community is facing an unprecedented increase in the number of children and youths who are deprived of their basic services, which they need to survive and grow up such as food, education, life skills and love,

he explained


Ngoma said exposing children to any danger affected their wellbeing. And chieftainess Kawaza observed that if technology was not well handled, Zambia would soon have a generation that is hard to control. She said at the moment, children were more advanced in terms of technology than their parents.


Chieftainess Kawaza said some children put passwords on their phones because of their guilty consciences of the wrong materials they store on phones. The traditional leader urged the government to control social media.


Council secretary Mabvuto Masiye said the workshop was an eye-opener to the civic leaders and local authorities on how to approach certain problems the communities faced.

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