SOLE 2021 CANDIDATE? …people were calling Mr Sata sole candidate but he died before 2016 – Kambwili

CHISHIMBA Kambwili says the issue of sole candidacy for the presidential elections should be stopped because even Michael Sata was endorsed for the last general elections but he died before 2016.



Kambwili, the Roan PF member of parliament, however says people must not belittle him by worrying about his political future as he might have big plans for the 2021 general elections.


The former information minister sacked late last year by President Edgar Lungu told News Diggers! that it was illogical for people to start endorsing candidates for the 2021 elections.


It’s too early for me to talk about 2021 and I have advised so many times. This is time to work, not to talk about whether someone else will be adopted in Roan, somebody else will be adopted as President, that’s too early to talk about those things. Tell all those who are talking about those things that let them work the way I am working,

Kambwili said.



“I have no time to waste, to talk about 2021 because it’s not my preoccupation. I have no time to waste to talk about 2021 and I will not even waste time to talk about 2021 because politics are dynamic. People were calling for Mr Sata, Mr Sata sole candidate, but Mr Sata died before 2016, so it’s foolish for anybody to be talking about 2021 in my view.”



When he was asked how he hopped to survive in the ruling party should he be left out of parliamentary adoptions in the 2021 general elections based on the fact that he was considered a party ‘rebel’, he said the question was belittling as he could be eyeing a bigger position by then.


He said PF members who were not comfortable with him would be the one to leave the party.


…Those few members who don’t want me will be the ones to move out because they are few, you have already said ‘those few’ so they will be the ones to move out because they are very few and they are paid up,

Kambwili said.


When challenged that he might be left out of adoptions in 2021 on the PF ticket, Kambwili said: “Excuse me! Adopted where? And who tells you that in 2021 I am going to stand in Roan? Why are you belittling me, supposing I want to stand as President? So how do you know for you to say ‘if you are not adopted in Roan?’ Politics is dynamic my sister. So you don’t know what I will opt for.”


He further said he was a truthful man who always called things by what they are.


“I don’t have any differences with anybody, for me I talk the truth, what is wrong is wrong. If black is black I will call it black, I will not call it yellow. And if that is having a problem with people then so be it. I call a spade a spade and not a pick for the sake of impressions. For me if somebody is a man and he is behaving like a boy, I will call him a boy, it’s simple, that’s me,” said Kambwili in apparent reference to his recent statement where he called Copperbelt minister Bowman Lusambo a boy.


“So if one misbehaves like that and he is called a boy and you call it differences, so be it because if you are a minister, you are supposed to behave like a minister…you are not supposed to behave like somebody from the streets or somebody from the station.”

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