I helplessly heard my brother hack his wife to death, narrates sister to Katete teacher

TIKHOZENJI Mwale, the sister to a 33-year-old Katete teacher who has been arrested for killing wife after a marital dispute, says she helplessly heard her brother commit the crime in the bedroom yesterday.


According to Mphangwe FM, Tikhozenji failed restrain his brother, Tobias Mwale, from killing the wife, Mumba Kalaba, 26 because she was paralysed.



She narrated that her brother got infuriated after discovering pictures of a strange man on his wife’s WhatsApp page.



When Mwale phoned the man, he explained that he did not know that Mumba was married, narrated Tikhozenji.



I helplessly heard my brother hack the wife to death from their bedroom. The two were arguing in the bedroom after my brother discovered a strange man’s pictures on his wife’s Whatsapp page. He even spoke to the man who said he did not know that Mumba was married,

Tikhozenji narrated.



“Then my brother told told the man on the other side of the phone that he was now going to kill the woman; and he started demanding for refund of his K30,000 from his wife which he had spent to take her to school, failure to which he was going to kill her. I tried to shout to my brother not to engage in violence but he couldn’t listen to me.”



She narrated that Mumba then asked her husband to allow her to sign an agreement document so that she could be given time to look for the money but Mwale just gave a two-minute ultimatum, after which he started hacking her.



Mwale, a teacher at Omelo Mumba Primary School, has since been arrested and charged for murder.
Eastern Province Commissioner of Police Alex Chilufya confirmed the death in a statement.



Chilufya stated that a blood-soaked machete was found at the scene with the head of the deceased almost detached  from the body and several cuts on the neck, shoulder and left wrist.

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