Keep hands off media – Msoni

NASON Msoni has observed that Zambia is under a backdoor full-fledged state of emergency or that if it is not, then implementation points to one.

And Msoni says the government should keep its hands off the operations of media.
On Saturday morning, Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja hinted that the Zambia Police would regulate some “publications” during this period of a threatened state of public emergency.


“During this period, police will regulate and prohibit publication and dissemination of matters [that are] prejudicial to public safety, restriction and control of assemblies, control of movements, more especially during hours of darkness, apprehension and detention of suspected criminals beyond 48 hours, search of places without a warrant, to mention but a few,” Kanganja told journalists at his office in Lusaka, further indicating that the regulations in CAP 112 could be revised at any time.


“So, as we speak, there will be additions to what I have commented on. You will find [that] we’ll limit some of these publications, social media and the rest. Where people are abusing, we might end up limiting on those publications.”



Commenting on the matter, Msoni, the opposition All People’s Congress (APC) president, noted that politics was not for people with “chicken heads”.



Nobody is being fooled here; this is a backdoor full-fledged state of emergency or if it is not, then implementation speaks to a full-fledged state of emergency,

Msoni said.


He further accused the government of treacherous behaviour and conduct.


The contradiction between progressives in the regime and hardliners is playing out openly for all to see. The coming out of the IG to allege that culprits had been arrested is in bad faith and a knee jerk reaction meant to slam the statement the justice minister made during the BBC interview in which he clearly exonerated the opposition from any wrongdoing, to the chagrin of criminal elements in the regime baying for innocent blood,

Msoni said.




He pointed out that policemen could not be the final arbitrators of press freedom or the ultimate authority to determine who should or should not be shut down.




Meanwhile, Msoni said it is saddening to hear of some people, especially in Southern Province, being abducted by police.



“Reports of police abductions of innocent citizens are worrying. We urge the police command to exercise maximum restraint from embroiling themselves into a state of lawlessness due to instigations peddled by political criminals,” said Msoni.



“We are deeply concerned and disturbed by reports coming from government of money being misused and extorted under the on-going emergency status for personal use by government leaders using lies and deception to steal from the Treasury.”

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